BSC has been known for finest-quality, cost-effective, eco-friendly flat die, ring die pelleting mills. Pellets with a diameter of 4 to 40 mm can be produced with these pelleting machines. Do you need constantly uniform, optimally compacted sawdust pellets? All you want is here.

As we all know, the original design of flat die pellet machine are used for processing feedstuff. But through our client’s feedback and diligent research, flat die pellet machine is applied in processing wood sawdust, straw, different kinds of stalks, grass, etc.

BSC supply straw pellet mills driven by electric, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO (power take off, driven by tractor).

Industrial Wood Pellet Machine

Type Power Capacity Diameter of pellets
Ring Die 90-300 KW 1-5 t/h 4-40 mm
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Small Pellet Machine For Home Ues

Type Power Capacity Diameter of pellets
Flat Die 3-30 KW 60-1000 kg/h 2.5-10 mm
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  • Vertical feeding of the pellet machine.
  • Die static, the roller rotate,centrifugal force role,material distribute uniformly.
  • Two layers of roller die,high efficiency and good effect.
  • Ring die,vertical structure, which is good for the heat dissipation.
  • Independent discharge device, improve the pellet forming rate.
  • Good lubricating device, protecting the machine bearings.
  • Compact and moveable design.
  • Simple structure and operate easily.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High productivity Low cost.

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