BSC has been known for finest-quality, cost-effective, eco-friendly flat die, ring die pelleting mills. Pellets with a diameter of 4 to 12 mm can be produced with these pelleting machines. Do you need constantly uniform, optimally compacted pellets? All you want is here.

WP 560/850 Wood Pellet Mill

Capacity 0.8-1.5 t/h, Pellets 4-12mm.
  • Vertical feeding of the pellet machine.
  • Die static, the roller rotate,centrifugal force role, material distribute uniformly.
  • Two layers of roller die, high efficiency and good effect.
  • Ring die, vertical structure, which is good for the heat dissipation.
  • Independent discharge device, improve the pellet forming rate.
  • Good lubricating device, protecting the machine bearings.
  • Small size and flexible movement.
  • Simple structure and operate easily.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High productivity Low cost.

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