BSC has been known for finest-quality, cost-effective, eco-friendly flat die, ring die pelleting mills. Pellets with a diameter of 4 to 12 mm can be produced with these pelleting machines. Do you need constantly uniform, optimally compacted pellets? All you want is here.

Small Feed Milling Equipment

For Farmer & Home Use - Electric / Diesel / PTO - Capacity 50-1100 kg/h
  • The feed pellets are with high density, smooth and clean surface.
  • Formation rate: 98%.
  • Electric, Diesel, and PTO driver as optional.
  • Auto lubricate system.
  • Alloy steel Roller and Die.
  • Space saving and movable design.
  • Simple structure and convenient maintenance.
  • Easy operation low skill requirements.
  • Continuous work and high efficiency.

Industrial Feed Pelletizer

Ring Died Pellet Mill - Large Capacity 0.5-20 Ton Per Hour
  • The raw material can be corn, bean, wheat, rice husk, etc. Fit for livestock and poultry farming businesses (cattle, dairy, sheep, chicken,etc.)
  • Particle constituents of uniform, uniformity, the surface is smooth, diameter can transform between 1.5-6 mm (die) needs to be replaced, length can be adjusted between 5-20 mm, and the particle density, for easy storage and transport, suitable for a variety of cultural objects in different period of need
  • Feed processing by the models, temperature rise moderately well keep raw material of various trace elements, palatable, animal feed, in favor of digestion and absorption of various nutrients

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    Turnkey Project For Feed Industry

    Capacity Up To 20 t/h

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