We Main Supply Pet Feed Pellet Machine,Aquatic Feed Pellet Machine And Poultry Feed Pellet Machine

Earn money from agricultural waste


  1. Widely used in grinding processing of granular materials,
    such as corn, wheat, beans, etc...
    but also for medicine, alcohol, solvents and.
    other processing industries the use of crushed.
  2. Simple structure, easy to install, easy to operate,.
    small vibration, high yield, uniform particle siz e, etc..
  3. This machine can be used to crush all.
    kinds of grains into small granule such as.
    corn, wheat, maize, batley and so on.
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Save 30% on feed wastage

Feed Industry

  • Pelletized feed takes up much less storage space
  • Pelletized feed can be stored for longer and with less wastage
  • You determine what you feed your animals and in what ratio
  • Eliminates selective feeding habits
  • Better handling properties and a cleaner product
  • Feed can be transported more easily
  • Reduces respiratory disease in animals due to dust inhalation
  • Pelletized feeds have a 145% higher conversion ratio
  • Better results with growth in animals
  • Decrease wastage of loose feed by up to 30% when pelleted
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Poultry Pellet Machine

Ring die pellet mill characteristic

  • Gear transmission, high transmission efficiency, long life with high yield
  • Iron removal device, overload protection device and trip switches to ensure safe operation
  • Optional single-layer, multi-layer jacket conditioner or biax differential conditioner, strengthen quenching capabilities to meet customer’s demand
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